O L U S O J I E L I A S + C O M P A N Y (C O U N S E L)

who we are and what we do


a profile and statement of practice

We are a boutique practice, rather than a partnership, founded in the year 2006, with offices in the jurisdictions of Nigeria and England.

We have an aggregated post-qualification experience exceeding a hundred years across a range of topical items in contemporary local and cross-border legal practice.

Our priority is to deliver at the highest quality rather than seek to manage an impersonably large quantity of clients, given our preferred format and size.

Our work is characterized by a distinct hands-on approach, and by originality and innovation, an ultra-modern outlook and an uncompromising rootedness in professional legal attributes and traditions.

We do 'rocket science' law, and we are just as comfortable with incidental requests for our assistance.

Our clients include multinationals as well as individuals with interests in Nigeria, and local corporates, businesses and individuals, in sectors and activity-areas listed across this page.

We serve, for further example, as continuing consultants and advisors to the World Bank's Transparency and Accountability and Doing Business projects, have done for a few years. We also delivered on the Autumn 2009 Getting Electricity Report issued by the World Bank.

We have well-nurtured professional liaisons in most legal systems, and are able to service requirements as flexibly, productively, cost-efficiently and resourcefully as is possible.

Counsel set store by the multi-disciplinary international experience by which our advisory and professional teeth are cut.

We guarantee the quality of our conduct and throughput, our billing and our client~care arrangements.

OLUSOJI ELIAS + COMPANY (COUNSEL) is part of aetasLF, a private legal funding initiative focused primarily on Nigeria; not instructed by it for third~party instructions

OLUSOJI ELIAS + COMPANY (COUNSEL) is a commercial corporate legal practice - primarily advisory and, where appropriate, representative. Our practice areas include but are not limited to --

  • transactions advisory (local and cross-border)
  • business and corporate counsel advisory (general company / commercial, privatisations, restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, competition and anti-trust law, corporate insolvency and rescue)
  • private client work
  • parliamentary law and parliamentary counsel
  • intellectual property, digital media and entertainment, law and technology (including I.T. law)
  • dispute resolution, including via ADR and by judicial review*
  • energy and natural resources - specialising in renewable energy, and oil and gas (including petrochemicals)
  • banking and financial law and regulation
  • admiralty and shipping law / aircraft and aviation
  • media law and related matters
  • tax work
  • environmental law and regulation
  • corporate, project, and structured financing law and regulation
  • construction law, regulations and practice
  • issues of the law of nations
  • personal laws / real and personal property
  • general legal advisory
  • third party legal funding

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